The Spiritual Strength In Our Scars

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About the book

We often pretend to be happy and put on a brave face for the world despite carrying the pain of enduring a personal struggle or an adversity.
When we are alone, that is when we fall into despair — for failing to overcome the struggles that we carry silently in our hearts.

Are we considered strong if we do not fall when life pushes us to the ground?

Do our faith and belief tell us that we cannot let our misery affect us because as the saying goes, “we must bear patience”?

In this book, author Liyana Musfirah takes readers on a reflective journey of discovering the strength that emerges from each of our painful and scarring episode.

This is the book that celebrates what God has given women — the resilience to withstand emotional, spiritual, or even physical hardships.

"Start believing that as long as Allah never give up on you, you should not give up on yourself too."

All The Chapters

+ Chapter 1: To The Single Sister Who Is Resilient In Her Pursuit Of Love And Marriage

+ Chapter 2: To The Sister Gathering Courage To Fix Her Broken Relationship

+ Chapter 3: To The Sister Trying To Be Strong When She Blames Herself For Being A Bad Mother

+ Chapter 4: To The Sister Praying For Resilience When Going Through Her Divorce

+Chapter 5: To The Sister Hoping For Strength In Mending Her Relationship With Her Parents

+ Chapter 6: To The Sister Searching For Resilience In Facing Life’s Uncertainties

+ Chapter 7: To The Sister Gathering The Courage To Leave Her Dark Past And Be A Better Muslim

+ Chapter 8: To The Sister Seeking Resilience Because She Is Struggling To Love Herself

The Conclusions
+ Conclusion: The Strength In Our Scars
+ Spiritual Resilience From The Perspective Of A Family Therapist by Maimunah Mosli, Principal Family Therapist

Du'a Lists For Sisters
+ To The Sister Who Is Seeking Peace In Life
+ To The Sister Who Is Having Trouble Sleeping
+ To The Sister Who Is Being Treated Unfairly
+ To The Sister Who Is Troubled Financially
+ To The Sister Who Is Dealing With Sickness Or Illness
+ To The Sister Who Is Looking For A Spouse
+ To The Sister Who Is Hoping For A Baby
+ To The Sister Who Has Just Heard A Bad News
+ To The Sister Who Has Recently Lost Someone
+ To The Sister Who Is Seeking Repentance From God
+ To The Sister Who Is Confused On What To Do With Life
+ To The Sister Who Is Seeking Protection From The Evil Eye
+ To The Sister Who Is Taking Care Of Her Elder Parents
+ To The Sister Who Is Working Multiple Jobs + To Support Her Family
+ To The Sister Who Is Sitting For Examinations
+ To The Sister Who Lost Their Job Because Of Covid-19
+ To The Sister Who Is Getting Married
+ To The Sister Wo Is A Single Mother To Her Children
+ To The Sister Who Is Battling With Addiction Or Bad Habits
+ To The Sister Who Always Misses Her Prayers

3 Reasons Why You Should Read This Book:

+Understand how to be spiritually resilient for every hardship you face in your life
+There are 20 special Du'a Lists For Sisters; for you to seek strength and find comfort from Him.
+ Precious advice from a sister, to give you hope when you feel lost or in painful despair.

The Author

Ustazah Liyana Musfirah
An alumni of Madrasah Alsagoff Al-Islamiah, Ustazah Liyana Musfirah went to pursue her tertiary studies graduating with Diploma in Shariah Islamiah (Islamic law) & and Diploma in Dialogue of Civilization (Da’wah) from Mujamma’ Ahmad Kuftaro, Damascus , Syria. 
Coming back to Singapore, Ustazah Liyana was inspired to champion women’s causes.

She organises courses and workshop specialising in Islamic education, Muslim women issues & encouraging women to find their voice and see their beauty from within.  
Currently pursuing her studies in Syariah Law Runs her own network of sisers called the Liyana Musfirah Network :

“Life is not meant for us to go through it alone. If life is meant to be walked through alone, Allah would have only created Prophet Adam A.S but He didn’t stop there.”

“Dear sisters, I care for you and I want to thank you for being a Muslimah who wants to be better.”

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